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About Us

EdLogical Group Corp was founded in 2009 by Dianne and Hector Valentin with the primary focus of providing exceptional Special Education Services to students. EdLogical offers top-notch service provision to those students who receive special education services and supports. For the past 11 years, we have assisted charter schools and school districts in navigating the complexities of Special Education. We have done this by providing high-quality, experienced, and knowledgeable special educators. All EdLogical team members are professional educators or practicing clinicians with a comprehensive understanding of the programmatic, administrative and fiscal issues of program development and service delivery.

EdLogical distinguishes itself from other agencies of its kind with its focus on positive student outcomes. We employ best practices and what is best for the student is always our first consideration. Because our leadership team is comprised of current and former educators, our team understands and comprehends the day-to-day operations of a variety of school environments. As such, we are able to successfully assist schools in meeting challenges that arise. We provide unparalleled quality when it comes to direct services, assessments, professional development, coaching, mentoring and other supports the school may need. We are more than a business; we are collaborative partners. Our team are experts in every area of special education. With this expertise, we provide support quickly and efficiently, aiding schools as they navigate a wide range of special education issues. Whether it is helping a school become compliant with IEPs, assuming numerous assessments in all disciplines, assisting with a high volume of requests, or providing innovative modules of training and professional development to teachers, support staff, administrators and parents, EdLogical looks forward to covering all of your special education needs and so much more!

Our Team

Our team has years of experience in some of the most challenging schools in California. Many on our team were trained in private practice, many have been practicing in their field for decades. We have the experience and knowledge to successfully collaborate with schools and support staff. Our unique approach to providing services – employing our proprietary methodology for educational assessments, generating strategy and implementation programs for school improvement, coaching and mentoring, or embedding our uniquely qualified staff – ensures cost-certainty and program fidelity. In both educational and healthcare settings, our teams of experts are confident innovators and forward-thinkers with an unwavering focus on positive outcomes, no matter what the challenge.

Professional Development & Training

EdLogical offers professional development and training to a variety of stakeholder groups. The following are a list of some professional development activities and training for teachers and administrators: Educational Benefit Workshop, Writing Legally Defensible IEPs, Student Discipline, How to Prepare for a Challenging IEP Meeting, Self Harm Suicide, Cyberbullying, Building the Resilient Student and much more. Additional programs/activities of professional development are available based on specific-need of the school site, staff, and situation. EdLogical can provide training onsite, virtual training, or at one of our EdLogical conference sites.